The Best Brands Are Extensions Of The Business Owners Values

If you’re considering starting a new business venture, you need to look into yourself, before you begin researching your target market.

target market

Like it or not, brands are part of every business. It is how you manage the brand you create that will make a difference in your marketing.

Before you can begin marketing, you need to know your brand.

It’s what creates consistency across the board, and that leads to consistent marketing communications.

If you look at the history of Apple and the super success Steve Jobs had, you’ll notice that his beliefs about technology were the same beliefs that drove Apple to the success they see today; the strongest brand in the world.

That came through the sheer passion Jobs had for making computers personal, while simplifying technology.

Those business goals were aligned with personal goals and when you can do that, you can create a formidable brand that becomes a force to be reckoned with.

Me too businesses are everywhere and if you make the mistake to get into one of those business models, you will only be competing on price. That will hurt your profit margins and significantly increase your risk level of the business not succeeding.

Give yourself the best possible start by defining your brand first.

The Unique Selling Points are often where most new start-ups spend their time defining. That’s not wrong, but what’s more powerful is how your brands’ core values separate your company from that of a competitor.

People do business with others who are passionate about what they do. It’s the level of passion that creates the excitement and generates buzz in a way that no form of marketing can do for a “me too business”. You know, like opening a sandwich store on the high street because there’s only a couple of bakeries and no other sandwich shop there.

If you were to find that to be the case and hated making sandwiches, people would have a hard time deciding to shop in your store. However, if you were passionate about the work you do, you’d be more likely to be experimenting with different recipes, creating your own sandwich fillers, and getting the buzz through social media generated about your latest and greatest new sandwich to hit your shelves.

That’s the sort of excitement that can only come through passion for the work you do.

Asides from passion, there’s also core values to consider.

It could be that you further define your brand by using only locally sourced produce and freshly baked bread on the premises. The more people that know about the amount of care and attention you put into your work, the more likely they are to become a paying customer.

You need to consider what you are passionate about and can genuinely commit to for the rest of your life, or the life of your business.

For some, the sandwich store could be just fine, whereas for others it might be making candles, bath bombs, or other spa treatments.

Even service-based businesses are brands in themselves. The service provider, i.e. sole trader would be passionate about the service they provide. Pampering someone can provide that ultimate satisfaction and the rewards for that is a primary motivator to inject excitement into your marketing.

You cannot begin marketing until you understand your brand and more often than not, that brand values are the same as your own personal values. If you feel that a rejuvenating massage on a Saturday afternoon is something that everyone should be able to experience after a hard week at work, then you’re more likely to find a way to provide that service sustainably and make it accessible to people and do financially well with the service.

Decide what’s important to you and build a brand out of it. It begins by assessing what is important to you personally and to then inject those same values into your business. That’s when you’ll find yourself coming up with a number of USPs that will make your business significantly different from your competitors.

The more passionate you are about your product or service, the more effective your brand marketing will be with your target market.

Make your business values an extension of your own personal values.

Your business will be what defines what you’ve done in your life. It’s something you create from scratch. A strong brand in the beginning stages makes for stronger and more effective brand marketing.

That can only happen when your customers and employees know and understand the core values your brand represents, and that’s far more than the colours on your company logo, and the slogan you use to define your brand.