Stuttering Therapy Courses In The UK

I had a stutter for eighteen years before overcoming it when I was aged 22. I now offer a one to one stuttering course to help other people to also achieve fluency.

From the age of four through to the age of twenty two, I suffered with a stutter.

It made my childhood difficult to say the least. Those in my immediate family were stutter free, as indeed I was for the first four years of my life.

However, something at that age caused me to begin to stutter. What it was we never found out, but it didn’t stop for eighteen years.

At first my parents assumed that it would go away of its own accord and that I would grow out of it but by the time I was five years old it was obvious that it was here to stay and so they took me to a speech therapist.

It was a pattern that was repeated many times throughout my childhood, all to no avail. My school years were plain miserable, and I couldn’t wait to put them behind me.

After leaving school at 16 and spending the next 6 years going nowhere with either the stutter or my career I had had enough.

Being told to accept my stutter and to get on with my life just didn’t seem like a viable option anymore.

I wanted to beat this and achieve at least some level of fluency with which to communicate with other people.

My real work began at this point as I taught myself how to talk again. The techniques that I learned and applied to create my fluency are the ones that I use today in the courses and other self-help tools that I share with others.

My three and five day stuttering courses are run on a one-to-one basis out of my own home.

The three day course is targeted at those who have previously purchased one of the self-help products that I offer.

My 70 minute DVD is also available as an audiobook and an e-book. These products are aimed at those who may not be in the position to join me one-to-one. They contain all the techniques, or speech rules, which you need to succeed, together with other useful information.


If you do come on the three day course, after purchasing one of these products, then we simply build on what you have already learned.

The first day of either the three or five day course is spent making you feel as comfortable as possible; I do most of the talking!

Stressful situations make stammers worse, and so there is little point moving on until you feel comfortable enough to do so.

Days 2 through to 5 are spent practicing the techniques that make my method work. The participant will be encouraged to interact with me and to use those techniques.

After the course is over, I fully expect and welcome participants to continue to communicate with me, and further their progress. Working with people at this level means lasting friendships are often made.

Now, you may be wondering why my two websites use different words, stuttering in one and stammering in the other.

Well, the reason for this is simple. I grew up in Birmingham where they call it a stutter. However, when I came to set up the courses I did so in Devon, and here it is commonly referred to as a stammer.

Whilst the two have some subtle differences which I fully comprehend, I decided to set up two different sites with which to market my same course.

I welcome you to read through the posts of the “Stammering/Stuttering” section of my blog here: