Social Media Marketing When Consumption Is At An All-Time Low

In the social media marketing spectrum, the aim of the game is to increase your referrals. It’s all good to get likes and shares across the board, but that’s only increasing visibility. It’s not always going to increase referrals.

You see…

There’s a problem that next to nobody talks about and it’s doing you no good.

That problem is this…

Likes and shares do not boost your bottom line!

Likes and shares

Increasing reach certainly makes you look the part on social networks. It’s an indication that you’re company is known for sharing ‘good stuff’.


There’s millions of ‘good stuff’ for people to consume.

Content creation continues to increase. Consumption of that content – not so much.

What do you do when nobody likes your content, or they click the like and share button but nobody actually clicks through to arrive at your site?

1) If it’s commercial, it’s useless

Free delivery – grab it before [date limit]

Customers love stuff like that but face it – Unless you’re charging £50 for a delivery and set up or something, nobody sees it as appealing. There’s always somewhere with a sale so if they want to buy later, they’ll find the best deal from somewhere.

How about this?

@yourhandle Join our newsletter (free – receive a unique coupon code – Your next delivery – On Us!

Now there’s something worthy of clicking. They don’t need to buy now but when they’re ready, the offer’s there.

Or how about this?

2) Images instead of content

You have to be careful with this one because all the big networks are tightening up on link-bait images. That’s when you only put a snippet of information into an image file and its only aim is to self-serve.

Take a few key takes from your blog posts, wrap them inside quotes and create a visual to promote your content. When you share that across social media, add compelling content along with it.

3) Use contractions – always

Good copy either on social media, in your content, on your sales pages and even your product description – Where you can use a contraction. It’s only going to improve content consumption for your readers.

Formal and professional writing does not mean you can’t shorten words. In fact, shorten everything.

Before hitting publish, or post…

Shorten your paragraphs. Then shorten your sentences. Then shorten the words in the sentences.

4) Shorten your buying process

In the spirit of shortening stuff, do the same for your buying process. If you’re a salon owner, you could be sharing on social networks, getting referrals over to a blog post, from there onto your services page, and then onto your sales page.

What if you cut your website out altogether? and are just two of the many scheduling software that let your customers book your services without them needing to leave the Facebook site. You can get bookings 24/7 without even requiring people to click through to your website.

5) Don’t be too connected to your business

Trying to do right by your business mind, can go against what’s naturally going to hinder reach. Before you post, think about if you would personally retweet your message, or share a Facebook post before you put it out there.

For instance…

The Best Car Parts Catalogue across the UK – Shop now 

That’s never going to get shared, and if it does get a few of your loyal followers pity sharing for you it’s not going to take customers away from Euro car parts.

Need a car part? Check our database and shop for up to 45% off RRP –

If you wouldn’t retweet or share something, don’t expect others to do it for you. Sometimes you need to take a step back and take your business glasses off in order to do the best thing for your company.

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