Social Media Marketing Services


In today’s modern and fast-paced world, pretty much everyone is connected online. People search and have conversations at the touch of a button, and in order to have a successful business you need to have a visible online presence.

With so many social media portals, this can be an exhausting, and frankly daunting exercise. This is where we can help.

We can look after your social media marketing for you, leaving you time to create new products and look after your existing customers.

The services we can provide are as follows:

The Twitter Marketing Service – As with all social media marketing, with our Twitter Marketing Service we first look at what your needs are. After we have ascertained where you are with your social media we can then implement a marketing strategy based on that. Our aim is to boost your profile through growing your Twitter following, and giving you ‘social proof’. We post about 15 ‘tweets’ per day on your behalf, including in that business links to your website, news pertaining to your industry, and social tweets. We then monitor your account, retweeting and responding to any interaction that comes your way.

The Facebook Marketing Service – Facebook is the place to promote and build your brand. Building trust with potential customers can be achieved by staying visible and keeping your business where it is going to be seen – in front of people. Showing the personality behind your business is something that Facebook does very well. It helps create trust in the relationship between you and your customer. However, staying up front and central with your customer takes time, volume, and consistent updates on your feed. With our experience we can quickly learn who your demographic are and then ensure that we keep you in front of them with regular content, interaction and sociability.

The Google+ Marketing Service – Google+ is the new kid on the block in terms of social media. However, despite its young age it has already kicked Twitter off the second spot behind Facebook. It has been described by its executives as the ‘social layer across all Goggle’s services’. At Google+ you get to build connections with your clients by using its search facilities to find those people most compatible with your business. Using the function of ‘circles’ within your connections, means you can then target any marketing to specific circles that you have. Google+ can seem complicated to use on first sight, but with our experience we can make sure that your business gets the very best out of it.

Special Offer Monthly Package – Each of our social media service packages cost £135 per month. However, with our special offer monthly package you can take advantage of all three packages and we will write you a weekly blog post for just £350 per month.

Free One Week Trial – Want to see what we are like before you buy? Not a problem, simply sign up for our free one week trial. This gives you 5 days free management of all three of your social media accounts. I will also write you one free blog post for your business as part of the trial.

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