Grasping The Concept Reality Of Content Marketing

The toughest challenges facing UK marketing agencies and all marketers for that matter is creating engaging content. That’s a vast change in the marketing approach of last year, when brand awareness was all the rage.

Engaging Content

In the digital marketing era, content marketing covers a broad scope, and it’s actually far too broad for any business to approach the market blindly. It does take capital, but not so much that it’s out of reach of smaller sized businesses.

It is a formal business discipline. So much so that 85% of UK businesses polled by the Direct Marketing Association say they are using content marketing more for strategic distribution of clearly targeted audience centric content to drive commercial interactions.

The bottom line is if you aren’t investing in engaging content and are still only focused on generating brand awareness, you are missing out big time.

Big business is being done as you read this. Companies of all sizes have creative teams drafting, revising, and optimising compelling and thoroughly engaging content and then distributing that widely through a variety of channels, and funnelling prospects into sales funnels to directly impact commercial revenue.

How do you get your business to that level of competitiveness?

The answer’s simple and that’s to follow the same SMART approach of all other business already witnessing a vast improvement to their customer relationship management, strengthened relationships, and value driven sales processes:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-Based

That’s the simplified approach to getting your strategy mapped out from the get go.

Define your specific goal, measure it, ensure it is attainable, and relevant to your target demographic. Make it time based and ensure that it provides you documented evidence that your approach has your company on the right track.

Make specific goals that are quantifiable

When getting specific with your goals, ensure they are not vanity based. This is the downfall that many SMBs fall prey to when they tackle social media. They want the inflated numbers, and are even willing to pay for a thousand likes or even buy a channel to inflate numbers. Getting wrapped up in the vanity affairs of social warfare will never do your revenue any good.

What does make a drastic impact to your bottom line is acquiring leads, and nurturing those leads to make your efforts worthwhile. There is absolutely no point in paying for subscribers, or even buying a newsletter because the relationship with those prospects will not be there.

Relationship marketing gets a push in the right direction with lead nurturing campaigns, and that’s only part of a main content marketing strategy.

To get the leads, you need epic content, and wide distribution. That’s the start to get your content in front of your target demographic. Once that’s accomplished, it’s then a case of driving those prospects to your carefully crafted landing pages, in order to get them to fill in web forms, and into your sales funnel.

Yet before going for the sale, careful nurturing needs doing. You can’t overwhelm right at the start but instead focus on maintaining value driven marketing content to nurture prospects, make them more comfortable and even more knowledgeable about your business.

Then, take the leap to go for a close.

Sales processes are longer, and there can be a long time between lead acquisitions to closing a sale. For that reason, it’s best to get realistic on your marketing figures to ensure you have the budget to not only start your content marketing but to see it through to fruition. To the stage when it will influence your revenue.

The most challenging part of that process is creating the gateway content to engage with readers and that’s the part you may need to bring in outside help.