Give People A Reason To Increase Your CTR From Social Platforms

You really ought to stop calling your Facebook page a business page. It’s more than a page.

how to be heard on social media

It’s your brand.

It’s your company identity online.

It’s your businesses hub for customers to gather together.

It’s your fan page.

If you want referrals, you need your customers to be brand ambassadors. Your fan page is giving them a megaphone to amplify their testimonials.

And to show off your awesome customer support!

Any problems, get them sorted there and then.

The thing is… it’s not so simple when you can’t even get one customer to answer a simple question.

What’s your favourite dish? Posts a restaurant in (name your city)

The response?

Nada, zilch… zoopcus

That restaurant – It’s in a ghost town.

A better way to ask a question…

Design it for engagement

Go to – create a small image including a picture of different ingredients, some customer favourites and include the text within the graphic. What’s your favourite? Then the pictures. Post that to the FB “fan” page and respond to each reply. More people are likely to comment when they’re actually being responded to.

Now that’s just a tip for engagement. It is not going to get you more business.

A comment is one thing, but a purchase is quite the other. Yet, this simple step to engage with customers is what begins the process that leads to sales.

Your challenge is to tap social platforms to hijack their website traffic

Pretty up social marketing as much as you like but the bottom line is that you are only interested in hijacking as much traffic from there as you can. The more people click your updates, the better chance you have of making sales.

Put that aside for a minute and think about the engagement. A complete stranger is never going to make a purchase unless you have a super compelling offer.

A follower of your brand who has engaged is more like the thing.

So why would you pay to sponsor a post and a drive a bunch of unknown prospects to your offers? You wouldn’t, and if you do or did, you’re nuts!

The purpose of the follow up is to create more engagement, but not on a social platform. It is on a one-on-one basis because your company and each subscriber to your mailing list can ask questions directly.

Questions create dialogue.

Dialogue builds trust.

Trust builds your business.

Epic content needs to be the heart of your mailing list. Give more than you’re asking back.

Start with the blog posts because that’s what you’ll be sharing on social and the more epic the content, the better a click through you’ll have from your updates. Change the wording each time you post and promote it frequently.

Why share one piece more than once?

Because you’re fighting for attention.

There are thousands of businesses on social media vying for attention. Only about 5% of your updates will be seen. The rest of the time they’ll be buried among all the other updates.

When someone reaches yours, it’d better be appealing; as in a spectacular visual, compelling wording, and a reason to click through to your site. Do all three of those and more people will click through.


Because they’re bored. They have nothing better to do and just a little promise of some epic content that will at least wake them up – that’s enough for them to follow through and go to your site.

Now, the fun begins when your content does wake them up because once they’ve got a taste, they will want more. That more comes in the form of an email address and a little bribe on your part. Give me your email and I’ll give you (your offer).

It could be an info report, or a 25% off coupon, or anything that would appeal to your target audience.

Social media is a gateway

It’s up to you to open the gates for communication to happen. Engage with your fans. Give them compelling, thought-provoking content and on occasion, sprinkle in some rewarding incentives for being a part of your brand.

Every fan is a part of your marketing team

Stop focusing on marketing and focus on engagement. Marketing happens anyway. Your fan page has your brand name. Even off topic updates are subliminally marketing by putting your brand name in front of eyeballs. The more people see it, the more they remember it and that’s what keeps your name in their mind. Even if they’ve never engaged with you, they’ve heard of you and there’s a lot to be said about a business that has been around.