5 Foundations Needed Before A Stammer Can Be Overcome

It’s all too easy to focus on bettering how you speak, but beware of the consequences. Absorb too much time and effort into the practice of better speaking and you can wind up neglecting other attributes, which can prevent you from pushing forward in life.

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Social Media Marketing When Consumption Is At An All-Time Low

In the social media marketing spectrum, the aim of the game is to increase your referrals. It’s all good to get likes and shares across the board, but that’s only increasing visibility. It’s not always going to increase referrals.
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An Internet Where Everyone Is A Writer: It’s Happening Right Now!

Every business owner needs to get real with writing. If you have a business, you have a website. If you don’t have a website, you have a social media presence. If you have neither, you will not be in business much longer.
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How You Too Can Begin To Stammer Unapologetically

Everyone with a stammer will call it one of those embarrassing problems of life. It causes anxiety in a variety of situations. When you feel embarrassed, accompanying that comes the feeling that you need to apologise. You do not and nor should you be saying sorry!

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