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3 Ways To Drive Up Interest in Your Offline Business Using Social Media

Social media marketing has been around for a while, and it’s going nowhere anytime soon. It is a good way for businesses to drum up fresh leads, simply because of the rule of marketing. Go where the people are.

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Why (I think) Most Stammering Therapies Are Short-Lived

Oh the many techniques I tried over the years to get words to roll off my tongue fluently. Much of the time I was very impressed that I could speak better.

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Coping with Psellismophobia (Fear of Stammering)

It’s almost as though a fear of anything has a phobia named after it. For those who fear stammering when speaking, that phobia is Psellismophobia and is specific to stammering. Not the fear of speaking, but the fear of stammering when you speak.

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5 Ways To Measure Your Social Media Metrics

It’s screamed from the high heavens that if you have a business online, you need to be using social media. You know that, and if you’re not seeing returns for your efforts, you’ll want to know the reason why.

After all, what’s the point in throwing money into marketing channels if you have no idea if it works or not?

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Beating Your Competition One Page At A Time

A word processor can work miracles for businesses. If you’re struggling to win new clients, do yourself a favour and start studying the big boys and their toys.

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Do You Stutter Or Stammer?

It seems no matter where you search for advice about stammering, it’s treated the same as a stutter. It’s particularly problematic on search engines, which they’d all do better to address.

There is a tendency to reference both speech impediments as the same, despite them being, in my understanding different.

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Why And How To Use Images Within Your Blog Posts

Social media is a must for any business as you need the traffic. Social is the easiest and fastest way to get a website referral machine up and running, bringing more unique visitors onto your site, giving you the audience you need to grow.

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Using The Right Type Of Content For The Correct Intent

Digital marketing has turned sales into an ever confusing landscape. Big brands get it. Smaller organisations are left playing catch up.

If you feel like that, let’s get you caught up with the types of content put into play to grow revenue. You can invest as much or as little as you like into content marketing, but without investing in the right type of content for the right type of customer, at the right time, you won’t get as good a R.O.I as you can when you understand what the content is doing.

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5 Foundations Needed Before A Stammer Can Be Overcome

It’s all too easy to focus on bettering how you speak, but beware of the consequences. Absorb too much time and effort into the practice of better speaking and you can wind up neglecting other attributes, which can prevent you from pushing forward in life.

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Social Media Marketing When Consumption Is At An All-Time Low

In the social media marketing spectrum, the aim of the game is to increase your referrals. It’s all good to get likes and shares across the board, but that’s only increasing visibility. It’s not always going to increase referrals.
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