An Internet Where Everyone Is A Writer: It’s Happening Right Now!

Every business owner needs to get real with writing. If you have a business, you have a website. If you don’t have a website, you have a social media presence. If you have neither, you will not be in business much longer.

With a website, you become a publisher. It doesn’t mean you need to do the writing, because you can outsource that to someone more capable or just someone with more time on their hands than you do. You still ought to be learning about writing anyway because everybody is a writer in some form.

Website owners are publishers and there’s millions out there. There are millions more who don’t realise it too, because every person with a presence on social media is also a writer. Some just put out garbage, but with business pages, you need to get real with your writing.

Without you being serious about the words you put out there, your readers won’t care. When that happens, they will not continue reading beyond the first paragraph of your blog posts, or your one-liner social media updates.

Without getting past your opening lines and into the body of your content, readers will never reach your call to action, and when that happens, they get nothing from reading your material and you gain nothing in return.

So what’s one to do to take writing seriously?

Start your material with one clear purpose. The first purpose is to create an audience because without readers, you’re creating search engine fodder; doing nobody any favours.

You get back what you put in so your first step before putting content out there is to define your target audience and refine what you can do for them.

Only start with one person

Writing content with flavour happens when you write to one person because everybody has similar problems and most are the same. It’s why Google has millions of pages to return for almost every query asked of it and there’s always more than one answer. Granted, the answer may be the same, but explained clearer and in more detail in more than one place.

Researchers gather material from multiple sources and while everybody is a writer, the ones who take it seriously research for the material they need to reference within the content.

The problem with creating an audience is that it’s only an idea. Ideas only become reality when you take actions to inspire action.

• If you want more followers on social media, you need your readers to take the action to follow you.

• If you want more subscribers to your email list, you need your readers to take the action to subscribe.

• If you want your readers to click your buy now button, you need to lead them to click your buy button and spur them into action to go through your sales process.

Readership is where it all begins

Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can fill your blog up with content to use as search engine filler. There is such a thing as bounce rate and when that’s high, you’re likely to be low in the SERPS.

Google ain’t no dummy. Those guys are smart; smarter than you and every tech behind your web host.

If you’re not interested in creating an audience and want to continue fooling yourself by believing that content marketing is how you get your website to climb the search engine rankings, then still focus on better content and watch your bounce rate lower, followers and subscribers increase, and your sales skyrocket.

You’ll be able to immerse yourself for days analysing statistics because content marketing – when done right – creates spikes in every area of growth your business needs. Just expect to be interacting more, or expand your customer services department to cope with the added workload.

Time on site matters

It may just be the reason why Facebook is mightier than Twitter. Twitter is great for business because they lead people off Twitter and onto your site. Facebook is all about interaction with fans and followers of your brand, thus they have more time on the site.

Like our Facebook page

If you want clicks from social media to your site, Twitter is the place to grow. If you want a fan base of followers to interact with and inspire product development and growth of your business, Facebook is the place to grow your audience.

Naturally, both are better when combined. You get the traffic from Twitter, but don’t think just because users spend more time on Facebook, you won’t attract traffic. You will, but only when you have educated your followers about what your brand is about and retain their attention with ongoing updates.

Blog posts do that

For those who haven’t taken the steps to put one in place, do so as soon as possible. There’s nothing to lose by not having it. If you have a website, it doesn’t cost you any more than you’re already paying to host it.

The only time your web host will need to increase your pricing is when your site begins to use more bandwidth. That happens when you have more subscribers and more followers clicking through from your marketing channels onto your site, others landing on it via search, and more being referred over from other blogs in the blogosphere.

With the traffic coming in, you can turn your attention to increasing conversions, thus boosting your sales figures.

That is how you grow your business online

Everything is connected through words and not only keywords. It’s every word you ever put out there, and even those we call anchor text used to interlink your web pages and the others that link back to yours.

Use words wisely and you’ll reap the rewards.

For those without the time or resources to invest into improving your writing skills, you can take the shortcut and lean on a freelancer with fixed rates so you know the cost upfront, and one who continues to learn more every day, therefore continuing improving content.

That someone’s me – Stephen Hill.

I invite you to follow and learn as you go from what I put out there from others and myself by following me on Twitter, and/or Facebook. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to have the heavy lifting done for you by a seasoned writer, you can contact me here, and we’ll discuss how we can grow your business together.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles from Free Digital Photos