About Me

This is the page where I get to tell you a little bit about myself, Stephen Hill.


I am 41 years of age and live in Birmingham, England.

With a love of sports it stands to reason that I am an avid supporter and season ticket holder of Birmingham City Football Club. Fair enough they are not the best football team in the world however I love them!

My real passion though, lies with snooker. Growing up it was everything to me and I was a rather good youth player. Scoring 100 breaks was a not uncommon occurrence for me. However, growing up with a stammer put pay to me turning professional, as I had a real fear of being interviewed with my stammer.

Despite that snooker is still the main sport that I love to play (and watch)!

As a father of two, a 21 year old daughter and a 14 year old son, spending time with my family is something that is very important to me and that I enjoy immensely. Seeing my children grow into well-rounded and confident individuals fills me with a joy that I didn’t have as a child struggling with a speech impediment.

Eating out, travelling and going to the cinema, are all things that we enjoy doing as a family.