5 Foundations Needed Before A Stammer Can Be Overcome

It’s all too easy to focus on bettering how you speak, but beware of the consequences. Absorb too much time and effort into the practice of better speaking and you can wind up neglecting other attributes, which can prevent you from pushing forward in life.

Beating a stammer is one ultimate goal and for it to happen, you need to have all five of these things in place. Use them as building blocks and you will find the impossible becomes more possible.

Five Foundations Needed To Overcome Stammering

1. Motivation

This is a big one. Lacking motivation can set you so far back that you wind up spending your days sulking under the covers, curtains closed, and missing out on every opportunity life has.

Opportunities don’t favour the lucky few. The supposedly lucky few motivate themselves to create opportunities. Mostly it’s through connections. It’s why the phrase “It’s not what you know it’s who you know” floats around as much.

And when do you hear that?

From complainers whining about how pathetic life is.

Life is only pathetic when you let that happen. The ball’s in your court here.

Motivate yourself to make things happen.

What do you want your life to mean? Write it down, break it down into steps to reach that and make steps towards reaching your potential.

Nobody is going to be knocking your door to hand you a silver platter with everything you ever dreamed of, unless you win the lottery.

The point is, make your life mean something so you have something to get out of bed for each day.

Purpose is powerful.

2. Confidence

Confidence can be instilled in a number of ways, but the simple way to approach it is to know the things that don’t give you confidence.

Like yellow teeth – get them whitened.

Or fluff on your face – have a shave.

Or smelly feet – use tea tree oil, talc, and other products to counteract it.

The biggest influence of confidence is how you dress, sportswear for the gym, casuals for the house and business attire for your work. That’s what most people do but if you get the chance to go to work in fancy dress, take part. Otherwise, you’ll feel out of place.

Charity days are good for building team moral – except for that one person refusing to participate.

3. Positivity

Something everyone with a stammer struggles with is that inner voice of negativity. So convincing, you’re sure it can’t be done.

The impossible happens!

It’s a founding belief of Will Smith and if it weren’t for people believing in the impossible, we wouldn’t have planes, trains, and automobiles. The film either.

Everything starts with a dream and then action to bring it to life. So stick a sock in the mouth of the inner voice of negativity. Learn to ignore it.

Or argue with it as a mirror exercise to help you practice speaking.

4. Characteristics

When asked to describe yourself, it’s likely you’ll feel the need to mention you stammer. You define yourself by yourself and that exact thing is getting in your way of beating it.

Your characteristics are more than one negative. Some others could be:

• Dignified
• Calm
• Intelligent
• Humourous
• Charismatic
• Approachable
• Determined

Any of the above and many more positive characteristics could apply to you. Don’t go through life defining your character as a stammerer.

5. Balance

As with the above, this needs your attention to. You need a balance between positivity and negativity. If you absorb your time into developing better speaking habits, you’re neglecting areas that could already be powerful in getting your life to where you’re at today.

Everything can always be improved. Instead of spending too much time improving your negative characteristics, learn other things to improve your existing strengths. Identify your strengths and make them stronger because that will inevitably make you stronger.

If you’re great down the gym, keep it up but keep pushing yourself for improvement. Likewise, if you’re a great cook, try out different dishes to improve on existing skills.

You’ll find that when you focus on improvements where it’s not needed, you’ll become stronger and that will make your efforts toward influencing the negative attributes more powerful.


Because all the above will boost your self-belief and that’s what you need to have in place when you’re practicing any variety of techniques to help overcome your stammer.

Image courtesy of cbarton4422.wordpress.com.